The fastest way to extract NFT data

Getting NFT data across multiple blockchains can be complicated and time-consuming.

Our NFT API lets you easily retrieve the data you need to build NFTs into your projects - saving you hours of engineering resources and supercharging your product development cycle.

Access on-demand NFT data seamlessly

Our NFT API lets you find and retrieve NFT data, to plug-in and feed into your NFT projects, across major blockchains without processing smart contracts.

Retrieve NFT order book data

Instantly fetch active bid and ask prices of NFTs within a collection to track market dynamics, from marketplaces such as OpenSea, X2Y2, LooksRare, and Sudoswap where NFTs are listed on, with one simple API call.
// NFT Orderbook API calls
GET /rest/orderbook/floor-price
GET /rest/orderbook/snapshot
GET /rest/orderbook/event
For sale
Listed for 99 ETH
3 active bids
Just now
12 mins ago
1 hr ago

Discover trends with NFT time series data

Easily obtain NFT data at the contract, transaction and wallet levels over a period of time. Our time series data enables the visualization of NFT trends at the macro and micro level, based on the customization of time units between each snapshot.
// NFT Timeseries data
GET /rest/timeseries/volume
GET /rest/timeseries/floor-price

Identify NFT owners and transfer events

As NFTs get traded more frequently, identifying ownership of NFTs and events associated with an NFT becomes more critical. This form of ownership verification ensures gated access to private and exclusive web3 experiences is granted to the right user.
// NFT Owners and Transfer events
GET /rest/transfers/by-token
Currently owned by 0xf1...425c
Sold by 0x9a...123a
1 day ago
Previously owned by 0x9a...123a
Transferred from 0x0a...42f9
12 days ago
Previously owned by 0x0a...42f9
Swapped from 0xe2...7a9f
2 months ago
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Gomu NFT API for flexibility and scale

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Scale your projects with Gomu NFT API to build fast, easily and securely. Our NFT API offers teams greater flexibility and scalability to build custom projects and run custom jobs with.

NFT Asset

Get metadata and transfer-related information of NFT assets from on- and off-chain sources.
NFT token ID
Contract-level data
Royalty coming soon

NFT Order Book

Extract bid and ask prices of NFTs across OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2, Sudoswap.
Ask price
Bid price
Order book events
Multiple order types coming soon

NFT Transfers

Get historical transfer events related to NFT mints, transfers, sales, swaps or burns.
Sender and receiver address 
Amount transferred 
Transfer type

NFT Time Series

Identify and visualize trends across NFT ownership, price and sales volume for displays.
NFT holder trends 
NFT floor price trends
NFT volume trends 

NFT Overview

Get an aggregated overview of NFT contracts and the NFT ecosystem.
Top contract holders
NFT ecosystem ranking
Wallet balances
Verified collections coming soon

NFT Utilities

Additional functions to search NFT contracts, resolve ENS addresses and update NFT metadata.
Search for NFT contracts
Show ENS address of NFT contracts
Refresh NFT metadata

Gomu SDK for faster implementation

Set up Gomu SDK to facilitate NFT commerce functionalities within your projects. Our SDK provides teams with the ability to interact with NFT orders from multiple marketplaces such as OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2 and Sudoswap.

This enables developers to create NFT-related projects efficiently, thereby making the development process easier and faster to implement.

Supercharge your NFT development cycle - in days, not months

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Managing NFT data in-house requires time-consuming overheads that slows down your speed-to-market.

With Gomu, teams can now build powerful NFT applications and products with lesser resources and faster speed-to-market without compromising on data quality.