A home for your NFT community

At Gomu, you can build your community like never before. With token-gated experiences facilitating knowledge discovery, commerce, discussion and more, we provide a web3-native home for every NFT community.

Bring your NFT community to the next level

NFT Hub is a prebuilt, branded central hub, optimized for engagement. Whether you offer NFT discovery content, commerce interactions or community-driven activations, use NFT Hub to provide a great end-to-end Web3 experience for your community.
Facilitate community-focused experiences with ease
Manage essential features and unique experiences for your community within a single platform.
Publish holder-only information in a trusted environment
Showcase all forms of content and interactions relating to your collection to verified holders only.
Build an economy that works for your NFT collection
Get to decide on fees that are reasonable and fair to your community of creators and holders.
Flexible customizations to match your NFT collection
Configure NFT Hub’s settings based on the brand narrative and design elements of your collection.

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Token Gating

Ensure the right users are granted exclusive access to your NFT Hub through token ownership verification.
Users have to connect their wallet and verify their tokens against your designated NFT collection before they are allowed successful entry into the hub.
Customize your announcements, your news, your shill
Integrate stories, merchandise drops and other interactive elements

Member Profiles

Users can own their personal profile pages where they can display information about their holdings, received orders and transactions of your NFT collection(s).

They can also view other member’s profiles within the NFT Hub.
251 assets
107 assets
105 assets

NFT Data Explorer

Display NFT data specific to activities relating to your collection and community with a bespoke explorer.
With Gomu APIs, you can customize the types, levels and granularity of NFT data to display in the explorer to inform and drive decisions for your community.
Feature data points to enrich your brand narrative and highlight your collection at its best
Create a leaderboard of achievements and ownership to demonstrate the swag of the community

Marketplace Commerce

Empower your community to view, swap, buy and sell tokens under your NFT collection page on NFT Hub.
Orders from other marketplaces are available and accessible on NFT Hub, which give users more options and added convenience to trade tokens among your community within the hub.
Display transactions and have people cheer on trades that they like
Allow buying and selling of NFTs from specified collections based on the fees of your choice

Supercharge your NFT community for success

Managing NFT communities on third-party platforms requires time-consuming integration efforts that slows down your speed-to-market.

Our NFT Hub drastically frees up engineering efforts, infrastructure costs and development time for you to spend more time building, engaging and growing your NFT community.

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