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Gomu is the perfect platform for developers

who want to build best-in-class applications with Web3 data securely, openly and seamlessly.

With the ever-growing complexities and reliance on Web3 data, we want to help developers simplify the creation of Web3-driven utilities and experiences.

Our Gomu APIs ("application programming interface") make data accessible, present data where needed across platforms and enable better value capture from data that powers endless possible interactions in the Web3 ecosystem. 
High-quality multichain data served through GraphQL and REST
Aggregated across multiple data sources, on-chain and off-chain
Fundamentally engineered for high availability and consistency
Power up your apps

Build with the best visibility into the state of the world across all blockchains

Gomu offers all the API data you need to start building, beginning first with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Get access to high-quality comprehensive data from our indexed chains for all NFTs including:
Metadata details
Ownership and minting information
Transaction history
Asset-level views
// NFTs API calls
GET /rest/nfts/by-token
GET /rest/nfts/by-contract
GET /rest/nfts/by-wallet

Build an NFT explorer dashboard

With Gomu’s nftsByToken API call, you can query and display an extensive range of data related to a specified NFT collection. Visit Gomu Power to test and see what you can achieve with Gomu NFT APIs!
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"tokenId": "5777",
"contract": {
"chain": "ethereum",
"address": "0xb4...3BBB",
"owner": "0x6C...8975",
"minter": "0xC3...e56a",

Verify the ownership of an NFT

With Gomu’s nftsByToken API call, you can query the NFT’s contractAddress to identify and confirm its owner’s user account.
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"imageMediaType": "image/png",
"imageCacheUrl": "<imageLink>",
"imageCachePreviewUrl": "<imageLink>",
"imageCacheThumnailUrl": "<imageLink>",

Optimize the generation of NFT visual experience

With Gomu’s nftsByToken API call, you can ensure NFT media assets (such as images, video, audio etc.) are served more quickly and reliably via imageCacheUrl from a CDN instead of the slower on-chain media URLs.
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Power up your apps

Implement high-value actions easily in a matter of minutes

Gomu SDKs ("software development kits") make it easy and quick to implement high-value actions that facilitate Web3 interactions on various blockchains. Starting first with NFTs, you can now build and implement your own NFT features with the Gomu SDK such as:
Making NFT transactions with just a few lines of code
Placing orders across multiple NFT marketplaces (e.g. Opensea, Ox) in a single API call
Transacting multiple tokens
install with yarn: yarn add @gomuweb3/sdk
npm install @gomuweb3/sdk

Integrate NFT commerce actions straight in your apps

With Gomu SDK, you can integrate P2P swap ("peer-to-peer swap"), buy order or sell order functionalities from one or many of the most popular NFT marketplaces (e.g. OpenSea, X2Y2, LooksRare and Sudoswap) singly or as a single aggregated transaction directly into your Web3-driven application.
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Power your Web3 projects and applications with our data

Gomu provides API and SDK for GameFi, NFTs, DeFi, DAO. Get started here
Gomu provides API and SDK for GameFi, NFTs, DeFi, DAO. Get started here

Build the best Web3 apps and dApps with Gomu

Get access to the most powerful developer tools and comprehensive data about NFTs, tokens, metadata, transactions, trades and more!