Build your NFT applications on BNB Smart Chain with Gomu APIs

Build your NFT applications on BNB Smart Chain with Gomu APIs

Jeremy Seow

We are excited to announce that our Gomu NFT APIs now support BNB Smart Chain (BSC)! You can access quality on-chain data through our Gomu APIs when working with BSC, along with other Gomu-supported networks such as Ethereum. Build NFT applications on BSC to take your projects from zero to launch, in just days instead of months.

Why build on BSC?

BSC is a flexible high-performance blockchain with the ability to deploy both smart contracts and complex decentralized applications (dApps). Since its inception, BSC has gained a strong developer following for its advantageous features such as faster transaction speed, low transaction fees and fast-growing community ecosystem. With 2.97M weekly active users and 25.8M in weekly transactions as of July 14, 2022, BSC has become one of the most popular blockchains given its large user base and high level of on-chain activity.

In the developer community, we are seeing growing demand for data solutions to facilitate Web3 project development on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible BSC given its capability to host Ethereum-based apps for NFTs, DeFi and more. By using our Gomu APIs for your projects on BSC, you will find it even easier to build powerful Web3 experiences with minimal friction and greater cost-effectiveness.

Build on BSC with Gomu NFT APIs

With our robust API offerings, anyone on your team can now launch Web3 experiences on BSC with fewer development resources while achieving the same impactful results. Instead of setting up your own nodes and infrastructure, you can now use Gomu NFT APIs to integrate Web3 elements into both existing and new products, ranging across NFT marketplaces, crypto wallets, NFT collection sites and more! This reduces the setup and launch timelines, enabling your teams to go to market faster.

Get started today

Now, you can start building your projects on the BSC network with Gomu in just a few clicks – simply input ‘bsc’ in the chain query parameter under each Gomu NFT API endpoint to generate the respective BSC dataset on Gomu to integrate into your NFT applications.

Input ‘bsc’ in the chain query parameter under the NFTs by Contract API endpoint to generate the respsective BSC dataset

As we continue to roll out more BSC datasets on our APIs, you can sign up for a Gomu API key and follow our Gomu docs to start building for free. Do look out for our upcoming roadmap which includes new sources of data and marketplace support, as well as additional widgets and tooling, to help accelerate and enrich your Web3 development experience.


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