What's new in October - Unveiling and Gomu NFT Hub

What's new in October - Unveiling and Gomu NFT Hub

Gomu Team

This month, we are excited to announce the launch of two flagship products, and Gomu NFT Hub to support the NFT community through NFT liquidity and infrastructure enablement. Along with improvements to Gomu API endpoints and a recap of our time at TOKEN2049 Singapore.

Product Updates

Introducing, a new liquidity incentive protocol for NFTs – or Collection for short – is an NFT liquidity incentive protocol that allows the permissionless creation of vaults to incentivize liquidity on NFT AMMs starting with Sudoswap. Building on the sudoswap AMM, intends to make it extremely easy for you to provide liquidity by creating pools and staking LP tokens in vaults for rewards; and for NFT projects to create liquidity incentives for their collections on the NFT AMM using ERC-20 tokens.

For more information, check out our launch post, follow @CollectionWeb3 on Twitter and join our community discord here.

Announcing Gomu NFT Hub, our latest product for NFT communities

Whether you offer NFT discovery content, commerce interactions or community-driven activations, Gomu NFT Hub provides a great end-to-end central Web3 experience for your community. Projects can get started quickly and easily with our Gomu NFT Hub to take their community engagement activities to the next level.

Check out our launch post and Twitter thread to see how we envision Gomu NFT Hub to be an all-inclusive Web3 platform for your community to gather and interact together.

Introducing the /rest/orderbook/collection-orders endpoint

With more marketplaces supporting collection-wide offers, such as OpenSea, X2Y2 & LooksRare, we wanted our APIs to support these types of orders. The /rest/orderbook/collection-orders endpoint returns all collection offers made against a specified NFT Collection, and we have made a marketplaces parameter available if you wanted to filter the results for specific marketplaces.

View our sample call: Collection offers made against the MAYC collection on LooksRare

For more information, see the Collection Orders documentation.

Introducing the /rest/overview/erc20-balance endpoint

Apart from our existing /rest/overview/wallet-balances endpoint, which allows you to query for specific ERC-20 tokens, you are now able to query for all ERC-20 tokens held by a specified wallet by using our /rest/overview/erc20-balance endpoint. What we return is the contract address, symbol & name associated with the token, as well as how many of each token is being held by the wallet you are querying for.

View our sample call: All ERC-20 tokens held by dingaling.eth

For more information, see the ERC20 Balance documentation.

Introducing the /rest/overview/tokens-indexed endpoint

We aim for 100% historical indexing across the different chains we support, to make sure we are able to surface data around even the oldest NFTs. We thought it would be useful to make the number of contracts, tokens and transfers we have indexed available for querying via an endpoint, which is why we created the /rest/overview/tokens-indexed endpoint. If you ever happen to need a high-level overview of how many contracts, tokens or transfers there are across Ethereum or BNB Chain, you can hit this endpoint to do just that!

View our sample call: Number of BSC contracts, tokens & transfers indexed

For more information, see the Tokens indexed documentation.

New filter parameters for our /rest/orderbook/floor-price endpoint

Previously, this endpoint could only be used to get the floor price token across an entire collection. Now, it is possible to filter the results by token IDs, traits and marketplaces, or even a combination of the three. If you wanted to find the lowest listed price for NFTs that have a specific combination of traits, across specific marketplaces, this endpoint can help with that!

View our sample call: The cheapest listed Bored Ape, with Solid Gold Fur and an Eyepatch, across OpenSea & X2Y2

For more information, see the Floor Price documentation.

Token rank now available in our /rest/nfts/by-X endpoints

Apart from providing rarity scores for individual traits, and an overall token rarity score, we are now returning a rank for each token returned as well when using our /rest/nfts/by-token, /rest/nfts/by-contract & /rest/nfts/by-wallet endpoints. The rank a token has is based on its rarity score against the rest of the collection. This should make it easier to get a general idea of how rare different tokens are, if you want to do direct comparisons between tokens.

View our sample call: Querying for Ape #1234 & Ape #5678

For more information, see the NFTs by Token, by Contract or by Wallet documentation.

More changes to the /rest/overview/contract endpoint

Something that we have been getting a lot of requests for is to include royalty data of collections into our API, and we are happy to share that EIP-2981 data is now included in our /rest/overview/contract endpoint. The royalty fees that a collection has listed across different marketplaces such as OpenSea, X2Y2 and LooksRare is now included in our response.

It is also now possible to completely filter out trait data of a collection when using our /rest/overview/contract endpoint, to get a much more lightweight response. This is perfect for when all you want to get is higher-level contract data, such as how many tokens are in the collection or how which standard a collection makes use of.

View our sample call: An overview of BAYC with Trait data filtered out

For more information, see the Contract Overview documentation.

Gomu Highlights

Gomu at TOKEN2049 Singapore 2022

Some of the best blockchain teams, developers, founders and investors came together in Singapore for Asia Crypto Week 2022 headlined by TOKEN2049 Singapore as the flagship event. Our team had an amazing time meeting with NFT projects, developers and partners at our Gomu TOKEN2049 booth as well as parties with Sui Network and Aspen Digital. We are appreciative of the energizing conversations that we have had with you around Gomu NFT Hub and Gomu APIs and look forward to continuing those discussions post TOKEN2049.

Builder Highlight

Playdex is a gaming NFT rental marketplace run by an incredibly passionate team that aims to make the world of Web3 games more accessible for everyone. The team has an exciting vision for their platform and we are excited to work with Playdex to achieve their vision.

The Playdex platform allows owners of NFTs from different Web3 games, such as Axie Infinity and CyBall, to list their assets up for rent. Players of these games are able to rent these listed NFTs, which greatly lowers the barrier to entry for players looking to earn from these games while allowing owners to earn from their NFTs they otherwise wouldn’t be using.

Gomu is able to help Playdex by providing their platform with metadata of NFTs from different Web3 games across different blockchains. The different bits of information needed to be displayed for NFTs to be listed on Playdex’s platform are parsed from our Gomu APIs, which was made much easier by the availability of our GraphQL endpoints.

For more information on Playdex – visit, follow @playdex on Twitter and join their Discord over at

To all the builders out there, reach out to us here if you are building and launching with the Gomu API. We will love to feature your product in our upcoming monthly updates. Till then, happy building everyone!