Gomu launches NFT API and SDK to supercharge your crypto apps

Gomu launches NFT API and SDK to supercharge your crypto apps

Jeremy Seow

Gomu’s mission is to make Web3 development easy for everyone. Whether you’re a mature enterprise with five engineering squads at your disposal or a skunkworks squad with one PM and one engineer, we want you to power the best experience for onboarding the next billion users into Web3.

Starting today, you can use Gomu products to supercharge your apps 🚀:

  • Multi-chain support: Get data from Ethereum and Polygon
  • More data: View market statistics, rarity, and social information
  • Flexible, robust calls: Slice and dice the data you need
  • Get inspired: Inspire your next build with the Gomu Power demo app
  • Enable commerce: Use the Gomu SDK to initiate buy/sell/cancel orders

Gomu APIs: What’s new?

We built Gomu APIs as the easiest, most intuitive way for you to interface with both on-chain and off-chain Web3 data. Since launch, our APIs have crushed the typical enterprise Service Level Agreements of 99.9% uptime. This is in line with our goal to develop the most stable and reliable Web3 API in the space, in order to support its explosive growth. With our latest updates, we are expanding upon this solid foundation with a wider dataset that powers more mission-critical Web3 use cases for you.


Gomu is now officially multi-chain — we are now supporting Polygon data, starting today. You can expect the same data quality and completeness as our Ethereum data. To access the Polygon dataset, change the chain query parameters in the Gomu API call and you’re all set.

Much, much more data

Gomu datasets are continuously refreshed and improved every two weeks. We have just released these new datasets, as requested by our customers:

  1. Market statistics: Obtain commerce data (market capitalization, volume, change, sales, average price, floor price etc.) on 1-day, 7-day, 30-day and inception-to-date timeframes.
  2. Rarity-related information: Use overall-level rarity score and single trait-level rarity scores (i.e. rarity score of each trait) to help drive decisions for users.
  3. Off-chain data: Show social media information of NFT projects such as Discord, Telegram, Twitter and more.

Flexible, robust calls

Obtaining a high-level overview of NFT collections and associated metrics like trait metadata is easy with our new class of API endpoints - Overview. You can filter for traits and other parameters in the call. Provide your users with a better understanding of the NFT and NFT collection, and request for a refresh of NFT metadata with the Feedback API.

Gomu Power: Demonstrating the power of Gomu APIs

Gomu Power demonstrates what you can achieve with Gomu APIs. Gomu Power is an NFT dashboard that displays relevant information on NFT collections of your choice. Select from the blue-chip NFT collections on the home page (such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, and Azukis) or enter the contract address of your favorite collections.

Visit a collection and explore data such as its activity and past transactions, token holder statistics, and traits of individual NFTs and collectors. You can easily incorporate features like these into your very own crypto wallet, NFT marketplace, and NFT collection site. 

Try out Gomu Power to view a collection and explore NFT data from our Gomu API

Buy & Sell, don’t just look at JPGs

Enable customers to buy and sell right within your app with peer-to-peer (“P2P”) swaps. Gomu SDK aims to open up a whole new class of workflows for your customers. Gomu customers can submit or cancel orders across multiple marketplaces like Opensea and 0x — without ever leaving your app.

Gomu SDK enables customers to buy, sell, submit and cancel orders without leaving your app.

Start your NFT journey with Gomu

Effortlessly integrate Web3 elements into your product with the Gomu API and SDK. We are obsessed about developer ergonomics, and want you to succeed with your community. Going forward, you can expect:

  • More chains: EVM (e.g. BSC, AVAX) and non-EVM (e.g. Solana, Flow) compatible chains are on our roadmap; request for your priority chains by dropping us a message. 
  • More aggregation and data sources: More off-chain data and marketplaces (e.g. Rarible, LooksRare) beyond what we support today.
  • More access: Access all Gomu data more seamlessly; our widgets and tooling are created to help you accelerate your development.

“Low server overhead”-implementation approaches are at the heart of what we enable with Gomu. Supercharge a front-end engineer on your team with Gomu API and SDK to build leaner and nimbler towards your big business goals. Chat more with us or just simply get started

P.S.: Schedule a coffee with Spencer, our co-founder at NFT NYC 2022. We look forward to seeing you there.

[Note] Polygon data is now deprecated and support will cease as of January 9, 2023. Visit our Gomu API changelog for more information.


Gomu provides industry-leading data and powerful developer tools designed to help developers, creators and businesses build native web3 applications and experiences easily, reliably and securely. Gomu's APIs have been battle-tested to have 99.9% uptime and reliable SLAs.

Our core founding team has led executive teams at Coinbase, CoinMarketCap, Chainlink, Millennium Management and Zendesk, building world-class data APIs and software products. As one of the most outstanding data-focused teams in the industry, we are bringing together years of Web3, crypto, product management, software and enterprise development, big data and financial technology experience to scale the next generation of Web3 software infrastructure.

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