What's new in August - Expanding Gomu Overview APIs & feature updates

What's new in August - Expanding Gomu Overview APIs & feature updates

Gomu Team

☀️ GM! Welcome to our first newsletter where we share monthly updates about our Gomu API platform and its ecosystem.

This August, we have been working on expanding our Overview APIs to return more in-depth data on top NFT holders and NFT marketplaces, along with adding new filter and sort options to improve the way data is located on our NFT APIs. 🛠️

Product Updates

1. Introducing Contract Top Holders endpoint

We have released a new endpoint: /rest/overview/contract-holders that ranks the top holders of a contract based on the number of NFT tokens they own from a particular NFT collection. You can use this endpoint to return each top holder’s rarest NFT token from the NFT collection for easy display as well. For builders looking to develop ranking dashboards (e.g. leaderboard of your NFT collection’s top holders), this endpoint is what you need!

View our sample call: Ranked listing of top Azuki NFT holders

For more information, see the Contract Top Holders Documentation.

2. Introducing Ecosystem Ranking endpoint [Alpha]

You can now analyze top NFT marketplaces by transacted sales volume with our new endpoint: /rest/overview/ranking that ranks the top contracts or top marketplaces in terms of sales volume with the option to filter by Contract Address or Market Address. With this, you will be able to showcase high frequency NFT marketplaces, most active NFT collections and NFT marketplaces where specific NFT collections are most traded on.

View our sample call: List of NFT marketplaces where the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT collection has been traded on, in order of sales volume over the past 7 days.

For more information, see the Ecosystem Ranking Documentation.

3. New filter parameters for /rest/NFTs/by-contract and /rest/NFTs/by-token

You can now filter NFTs from our /rest/nfts/by-contract and /rest/nfts/by-token endpoints by Traits and Price (Alpha). These new filters allow you to set your desired NFT traits and price parameters and instantly locate specific NFTs without having to parse through the full response manually – saving you time and computational effort!

View our sample calls:

Our price filter parameter is currently in Alpha and will be made available to a wider set of NFT collections. For more information, see the NFTs by Contract Documentation and NFTs by Token Documentation.

4. New sorting option for /rest/NFTs/by-contract and /rest/NFTs/by-token

We have added a new sorting option that allows you to sort responses from our /rest/nfts/by-contract and /rest/nfts/by-token endpoints by Rarity in descending order. This adds to our current suite of sorting options for NFT tokens: Sort by Lowest Ask, Sort Highest Ask and Sort by TokenID.

View our sample call: Sort Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT tokens by Rarity

For more information, refer to the NFTs by Contract Documentation and NFTs by Token Documentation.

This wraps up our product update for the month! Expect to see a lot more from us as we continue to expand the scope and capabilities of our Gomu APIs and SDK.

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Builder Highlight

Our friends over at Raelic recently launched their mobile app, and are using Gomu to power the various in-app experiences they have built out. They are building the Web3 social platform, with the aim of onboarding the next billion users into Web3!

As the web3 social network for the community of NFT lovers, creators and collectors, Raelic allows you to follow, chat and interact with other users on Raelic as you would on other social media platforms. You can aggregate and showcase all your NFTs in one place for all to see, and trade NFTs with other users at 0% in-app transaction fees!

By utilizing Gomu’s caching layer that stores cached versions of NFT-related images, Raelic managed to speed up the loading of NFT images on their platform. As a result, Raelic is able to display NFT-related media assets more speedily and consistently, thereby enhancing their overall in-app NFT viewing experience.

For more information on Raelic, visit and follow @raelicofficial. And if you would like to try out Raelic, join their beta release here: iOS and Android.

To all the builders out there, reach out to us here if you are building and launching with the Gomu API. We will love to feature your product in our upcoming monthly updates. Till then, happy building everyone!