Introducing Gomu NFT Hub: The Web3 Town Square for NFT communities

Introducing Gomu NFT Hub: The Web3 Town Square for NFT communities

Spencer Yang

When it comes to social communities, we hear many who have analogized Twitter as the town square of the internet where people flock to. Yet, online chatter and conversations occur asynchronously and synchronously across the town square and into the far-reaching ends of the internet – connecting people through topics and communities they care about.

There are alleyways of interest where people, ranging from AR aficionados to crypto-savvy Gen Zs, gather to discuss the latest happenings with their interest communities. While crypto bots lurk in the shadows, adding on to the chaotic nature of such interactions. At certain times, you may even encounter the occasional crowd that gathers eagerly to watch the performance and vocalization of a certain internet personality. Today, it can be Elon Musk. Tomorrow, it may be Tyler Hobbs.

One particular social group that stands out for its rapid gathering of passionate members and active discourse – is none other than the NFT community. Within this growing collective, its members are actively reimagining and organizing a new kind of town square to fit the way they want to engage in conversations and social interactions.

We see NFT enthusiasts from all backgrounds ranging from the holders and investors, to the creators and flippers gathering on Discord (the chat messaging and voice communication app loved by young consumers) to engage in fervent NFT discourse, or simply talk and hang out together. They greet each other with GM (/good morning/) and GN (/good night/) depending on the time of day it is for them. NFT conversations are friendly and all-encompassing ranging from the next hot NFT drop to what makes a great graphics card to buy for gaming. How about IRL? Well, a few entrepreneurs branded their coffee shops with graphics; one startup even made poker playing cards from the NFT images they have. A few other investors have started talking about the ambitious roadmap the community has to build in the coming months...

As these conversations flow, people start envisioning what more they can do with their fellow NFT community members. For example, they could be wondering what the next cool NFT is up for sale. So just imagine the possibilities when they can enter the bazaar where other NFT enthusiasts are looking to deal or trade. Look up! There is a gigantic LED screen with an announcement prompt on the new collaboration formed with another brand. By the side appears an event notice about the mixer for the members from the North. Before you know it, a few travelers from the South had crashed the event and realized they have so much in common with their Northern counterparts.

So, what does it take to be a town square for your NFT community?

Introducing Gomu NFT Hub

Now, you already have great conversations and a community you can hang with. Next, you want to do more with your NFT community. With Gomu, you can build and engage your community like never before – all on Web3.

Gomu NFT Hub is a prebuilt, branded central hub, optimized for engagement. Whether you offer content discovery, commerce interactions or community-driven activations for your NFT collection, you can use NFT Hub to provide a great end-to-end Web3 experience for your community.

This includes:

1. Keeping it gated or public

  • Gate your town square aka NFT Hub to focus only on your community or enable access for everyone to enter.

2. Building an economy that works for your NFT community

  • Enable buying and selling of NFTs across curated collections that your community cares about.

3. Deciding as a community on the royalties and fees for engagement

  • Ex: full royalties for the loyal and less for the mercenary collection creators.
  • Fees can be lower than the public OpenSea bazaar or maybe higher, just for fun. You decide.

4. Focusing on community engagement

  • Posting events, discord integrations, brand stories and other narratives are highly encouraged. Virtual or IRL events have proven to be necessary for all of our sanity. Coming out of the pandemic, let’s get physical.

The Web3 town square will be an evolving city feature as the needs of the community members change with time. The community that has been established for a week will be very different from communities that have been around for a couple of years. Hence, we favor the view that Gomu NFT Hub should cater to the broad spectrum of communities and be upgraded over time with more exciting corners and expanded features for you to explore.

Schedule a demo with our team to see Gomu NFT Hub in action and launch your own town square for your NFT community. We’re excited to work with you to bring the possibilities you have in store, to life!